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North Wadhurst

Save Our Fields

Protecting the heritage and environment of Wadhurst and its surrounding areas

"You don't know what you've got til it's gone

They paved paradise, put up a parking lot" 

Joni Mitchell

Dedicated to protecting and enhancing the beauty and heritage of the hamlets north of Wadhurst  

Turners Green, Osmers Hill, Sparrows Green, Stone Bridge, Woods Green

The area is under pressure from National Government with their planning targets and from developers who 

stand to make £millions from change of use to the countryside we live in 

We recognise the difficult task faced by Wealden District Council (WDC) and will work collaboratively with WDC to oppose

development which will damage our corner of this precious Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB).

Our Position

Wadhurst is a vibrant, rural community little changed in character for over a century. The hamlets north of Wadhurst are more than just a collection of houses. They are an active, diverse community which is intimately connected with the surrounding countryside.

Each hamlet consists of a few dozen houses, the majority of which are from the Victorian era, connected to each other by a network of single-track lanes which serve as footpaths, cycle paths, bridleways and roads for the few cars which pass through.

Wildlife is abundant, supported by the community, and buzzards have returned in the past three years.

The local community works hard to preserve and maintain the character of the area. The special status accorded by the AONB and the fact that we are in open countryside, outside of the Wadhurst development boundary, has afforded protection from developers in the past. And yet - we are now faced with development proposals which would, if allowed:

- Dwarf the area with a modern housing estate of over 50 properties

- Pave over fields which have been unchanged for centuries

- Damage wildlife and biodiversity

- Turn our quiet little lanes into busy roads

- Damage views of the AONB

- Eliminate the distinct character of the area

- Change our way of life and the beauty of this area forever  

The North Wadhurst Save Our Fields (NWSOF) group will meet on a regular basis to oppose these proposals on behalf ​of any resident who wishes to lend their support. 


In addition, we will be launching a Facebook site to celebrate the beauty of this area and communicate on important issues relating to WDC, the developer (SJ Donnelly), the owners of the land in question, our MP and other actors. 

If you'd like to pledge your support, please get in touch using the contact form below stating the area in which you live.


To play an active part in this initiative, we have roles available from managing our digital marketing to digging up the facts to support development objections.

Please watch this space.



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